Chevron Polk-a-dots


Here I am with my (Finally) new creation.

I named it Chevron Polk-a-dots.

All you need is just :

  1. White nail polish
  2. Yellow nail polish
  3. Black Nail Polish
  4. Dotting tools
  5. Top Coat!

Let’s get started!

First, apply the white nail polish, as a base colour. No need to worry if it’s get messy. 😉


After you applied the white colour, next step is the yellow one! Yes, you’ll need the white nail polish as a base first so the yellow color will pop and shine bright ~~~


Next step is, take your black nail polish and swipe it just like i did, i create a chevron nail on my middle finger.

After you’ve done with all your nail, don’t forget to use the dotting tools to make some dots to make it prettier. 😉


Here you gooo ~~~




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