OmbreCracky Nail Art


2 Weeks ago i made this nail, at first i want to make a lace nail art but failed. 😦

So i decided to make this ombre & crack nail art. I called it “OmbreCrackyNailArt”

I use :

  1. Yellow Nail Polish from Face shop
  2. White Nail Polish from Eternally
  3. Pink Nail Polish from Trendy nail art
  4. Green Nail Polish from The Bakery
  5. Blue Nail Polish From Face Shop
  6. Black Crack Nail Polish from Face it
  7. Big Matte Top Coat from Sally Hansen
  8. Make Up Sponge 

    Here some steps :

    First you have to decide which colors you want to mix.

    I use Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue.


First apply the white nail polish as a base so the colors you want to use can pop properly.


After that apply the colors you want to use to make up sponge and tap it to your nail twice or more will be better. Don’t scared about the messy around your nail, we can remove it after we done the finish step. You can design it diagonally or vertical depends on what you like it to be.


After all of your nail has been tapped, apply the crack nail polish and finish it with top coat. For this nail i use big matte top coat from Sally Hansen. So the result won’t be shiny but matte.


20151109093853Final result!



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