09 October 2015


Deeply sorry, because few months didn’t post anything.

Ya, i quite busy, quite lazy, quite have no inspiration to post any kind of blog. But ya, i’m back. :p

Exactly 1 month after my day. Yes, it’s my birthday on October 9th, 2015.

Kinda different from my birthday last year, this year i don’t even remember to counting down my day (Usually i did counting down my day :p) But this year is kinda different, lots of things happened, tons of things to do (my church move into a new building, my job kinda makes me tired, stress and need holiday of course, lots lots lots of things to do and think about).

On October 8th, 2015. I sleep around 23.30 so there’s still no birthday greeting, birthday wishes or whatever it is.

At the early morning i opened my smartphone and see lots of “unread chat” and i just realize “aaah! this is my day. Well okay, let’s take a bath and go to work.” Well the ugly truth is there’s nothing happened at the office that day, until i got a call from a “Gojek” (You can read about #gojek on my previous post) whom deliver a bouquet of red roses to my office. Silly story but i was shock and way too happy. Because i never got a bouquet of flowers since i were born in this world. HUAHAHAHA. I got a pretty red roses from my spiritual leader & his wife and i thank them for showing their love. Now i know why most of woman love to get a bouquet of flowers, because it feels loved. The surprise didn’t stop right there, before the office hour end, my co-worker and her team surprise me with a cake.

Tons of stories about my birthday this year, from a super tired church service and check this and that at church almost 21.00 Pm i still got to accompany my sister to dinner (which i want to reschedule because i’m way too tired but she didn’t want it) and at the restaurant she and my friends surprise me with this balloons wrote “HBD WU 25” (yes. i’m turning 25 this year. #Aaaaaaaaaa25already) and i’m feeling guilty because of my mom and my sis waited me from church to surprise me but i got home very late and they tired already. 😦 But they do celebrate me in the morning. Thanks mom and sis ❤

another story after a long day practice at church for my church anniversary i was so tired and want to sleep but my praise and worship team suddenly bring out a cake and yaaa.. i almost cry because for almost 5 years i never got a cake from them. hahahah.. but yaaa..  I felt loved by them. Thank you #LOTC

And at 00.00 on the other day i got a cake night delivery from #gojek (again) but my grandma received it because i slept already.

Still got a tons of story, sorry cannot post all of the pic in this post. But i do really thank you for the love and thank you for loving me much more than i deserve. 🙂

Thank you for the bunch of cakes (I got around 9 or 10 cakes this year! Yay!) thank you for not supporting my diet program! HAHAHA.. But i know i’m loved and i’m grateful surrounded by you guys.  Thank you for the present, the nail polish, the earrings, all of the gifts. Thank you.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! I love you guysss..



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