Chevron French Manicure

Don’t have much time but still want to make your nail keep stunning??

I suggest you to make some french nail art with nail tip! Less than 20″ and Voila!! Your nail is done 😉

Today i’m gonna show you my latest nail art, i’m not in the mood to do some complicated draw nail art thingy, I just wanted to do some simple-classy-quick nail art. So i decided to make this chevron french manicure.

All you need is just :

  1. Few chevron nail tip,
  2. Cue Tip / Small Nail Brush
  3. White Nail Polish (or you can pick other colors if you want too)
  4. Nail polish remover
  5. Top Coat
  6. Nail dryer (If you have, just to help the nail dry faster. But if not, that’s ok, i don’t have it also) Hahaha ~~  IMG_20150824_205249

Chevron Nail TipChevron Nail Tip, around IDR 8.000,- or less than $1

20150807234433Chevron French Manicure

Sorry… I forgot to take a picture while the manicure on progress. But here some tips,

  1. You can use the nail tip for 2/3 fingers, define on the tip itself (Still sticky or not)
  2. When you done place the tip right on your finger, start to use the nail polish that you’ve picked.
  3. When it still wet, pull out the nail tip carefully from your finger. If it get messy you can use cue tip or some small brush just like what i have, dip it into the nail polish remover and start to clean it.
  4. After all of your nail is done, put the top coat to keep it shiny and stay longer on your nail.



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