Why should be maintenance?

……… Suddenly, the word maintenance popped out in my head.

Every things that we have such as car, laptop, cellphone, air conditioning, house, garden, room or whatsoever you name it, all of them need to be cleaned every day, need a really good maintenance, so it can work well.

I asked my self, what is the most important things to be maintain? My car? Cell phone? Air conditioning? And suddenly popped out in my mind, beside of those things. Human need maintenance the most.

I worked as human resources (Human Capital Division) in Tour Travel Company, the main issue nowadays is not about the facility, is not about the job but the resources, the human itself. They have to be maintained well, they need to be rewarded if they have a good achievement on their job, that’s why there’s a “People development” division, nowadays we try to develop not only the facility, not only the quality of the job, but the quality of the human itself that matters the most. Once the worker didn’t satisfied with the job, get exhausted or else, the quality of the job will decrease. That’s why people development, maintaining people is hardly the main issue nowadays.

You cannot work 24/7, but you can’t also play 24/7. You need a balance time… When you work, when you spend with your loved one, when you spend some “me time” (however me time it really works for me, when i feel like “i can’t stand it anymore”).

Some people ask me, what will you do when you feel like stressed out or exhausted? Well usually i will have some “me time”. I will hear some christian song that i know it would strengthen me up or I will go to the beach, just chill an hour or two, watch, feel and hear the waves from the ocean and take a deep breath, exhale and i feel like. Aaahhh ~~~ Thank you God for everything you have let me through (gratitude works on me either) or maybe grab some blended coffee or massage.

Ah! almost forgot, beside go to the beach, one of my favorite things to do is spend my time with the one i love, the one that really know me well, the one that can make me feel comfortable, he/she no need to make an effort to make me feel happy again or whatsoever but just be there with me. grab some ice cream, talk some random things or driving at night around the city just the two or three of us (i don’t like crowd actually). That’s how i maintain myself, if you ask which one is my favorite? My favorite is go to the beach and driving at night.

Okay! That’s enough, let’s get back to the topic. So the conclusion is not only stuffs, but human need maintenance the most! Why? Because when you feel exhausted, burn out, stressed out or whatsoever you name it. You just like want to stay back from you routine and escape! When you escape many things will be missed behind (Some sweet escape a ok lah, but keep it balance tho). So ya, for me the power take & give should be balance, don’t stress too much, keep the work, life, society and your spiritual balance. A real good life is when you can keep it balance.

I realize i wrote too much! Hahahah ~~hope you guys didn’t get bored to read this post.

Just trying to share my thoughts tho, hope it inspire or maybe you guys want to share your experience on how to deal with exhausted, burn out or maintaining people?. Let’s share! 🙂


Have a balance day!



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