Go-Jek Indonesia


Go-Jek is a public transportation from Indonesia (and I’m very proud of it!) that using motorbike. Not like other public transportation that only can deliver the passenger to their destination. Go-Jek can also deliver package, docs, buying food or even groceries! That’s some out-of-the-box thingy.

Here’s the story….

Saturday is a day when i off to work and have to go to church. I have a keyboard lessons every 12.00 Pm on that day.

A night before, on Friday night i got home very late after music practice and i sleep around 02.00 Am, freakin’ tired but still can’t sleep tho, sigh. The next morning i woke up at 10.00 (Hahahah!). When i woke up, i see the clock “Ah, still 10.00 am. Still have 2 hours to go, relax… I won’t be late” so, i grab my smartphone, play some game and instagram. The clock is ticking wayyyyy toooo fast, its 10.45 am! i haven’t showered yet prepared anything. The driver that i used to go every time i got late is still on he’s holiday. -_-

My friend suggested me to use go-jek. At first i was like, is it safe? I don’t even know the driver. What if i got kidnapped? (Buahahahah~~)

There’s no other option, the clock keep ticking! Gosh. Finally, i download Go-Jek apps, register and then i book a driver to send me to church. I thought it will take a long time to find the driver for me. But only takes less than 5 minutes, I’ve got the driver already. He picked me up where i want and he sent me to my destination safely and right on time. Fiuh.

My experience using Go-jek for the very first time is very satisfied! Cheaper, hygienic and the driver is really nice tho!

20150725115922 Ya, it’s kinda dangerous to take some pic while on the road. But, i’m too happy to have my 1st go-jek. Hahaha….

Screenshot_2015-07-26-23-26-40My first Go-Jek driver

*Mari hargai karya anak bangsa, mereka ga curang kok, mereka ga berbuat kejahatan, mereka juga kerja mencari nafkah, just like we did. So, kalo ada karya anak bangsa yang bisa bikin maju dan mengurangi tingkat pengangguran kenapa ga kita dukung? :). Fyi, ini based on pengalaman loh ya, bukan karena di bayar go-jek. Aku ga dapet apa-apa dari Go-jek, dapet kepuasan pelanggan dan tepat waktunya paling penting ;p



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