Ritter Sport


Is not a post about nail, but about chocolate, Yay! Yes i do love chocolate, but my favorite is the sweet one, not the dark one.

My soon-to-be-brother-in-law went to Germany a few weeks ago and he bought me this! Ritter… Yeah sounds familiar right? That’s what i’m saying to my sister, not that i’m not thankful he bought me this but i’m just a little bit curious because :

1. My soon-to-be-brother-in-law is a creative and unpredictable giver. He bought lots of cute toys for my nephew and niece (even i envy because the toys is so cute, hahaha), he also bought me Kokeshi nail polish (the bottle is a Kokeshi doll from Japan). Will review the nail polish, soon! 😉

2. You can found this Ritter’s chocolate anywhere since this chocolate is way too famous for me.

Then i’ve got the answer! Yay! My sister told me that some of Ritter’s variant you can only find it in Germany and some of the composition is healthier than other Ritter’s. Then my response is “Oooo… i didn’t knew it before”, I didn’t know if it’s true or not since i can’t google it, lack of internet connection here. geez. But i do happy he bought me this since i love chocolate so much! Thank you btw, bro! 😉

20150721202704 (edit)20150721203747Knusperflakes (Corn Flakes) – One of my favorite beside the taste is so yum! it’s Yellow! :p


Knusperkeks (Butter Biscuit) – don’t ask how do i know it’s a butter biscuit. Because i’ve try the “English” version before. :p



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